I’m a software engineer at Mobile Vikings. I mainly use Python and Django but I have a past in ASP.NET and C#. JavaScript doesn’t scare me either.

I don’t like things that are unnecessarily complex. Things should be as simple as they can be. That’s why I like to approach code, collaborative workflows and software architecture in general with a mindset of optimization by simplification.

It is my strong belief that DRY is overused and often followed too blindly. Code that is too DRY is often hard to work with. Hence the name of this blog. I’ll have MOIST code over DRY code any day. I’m still looking for a relevant catch phrase that has MOIST as an acronym. I am so convinced of this that I chose MOIST as the name for this blog. At work my subteam is called the Ministry of Code. I have given myself the title of Minister of Indentation, Spaces and Tabs, which has MOIST as its acronym. What a happy coincidence.

If you want to get in touch, drop me a line on Twitter. I’m @kristofclaes.